Here is a guest post from Ovidiu Popescu in Romania.  He has helped create a new website,, aimed at increasing environmental awareness.  It is good to know we have allies around the world and to be reminded occasionally of the fundamentals of environmental stewardship.

How You Can Help Wildlife

There are a lot of wonders in the world and among them are wildlife species. While most people think that there is an abundance of wildlife species on our planet, the truth is, their numbers are declining rapidly due to land use changes, pollution, climate change and uncontrolled hunting and trapping. If we don’t take action now, more species will become endangered and even extinct. Each one of us plays a crucial role in protecting wildlife and their habitats. Whether you choose to get involved with hands-on volunteering to monitor endangered species and help with habitat preservation or whether you want to share knowledge and raise awareness, there’s a little something for everyone. Here are a few suggestions on how you can make a difference every day.

1. Create a wildlife-friendly garden

No matter how small is your yard, you can still grow a few plants that can reduce the risk of native biodiversity loss, offer shelter and food for insects like butterflies and bees, as well as to other wildlife such as hummingbirds. In fact, even a window box with the right types of flowers can support some species. Don’t forget to identify invasive plants and remove them from your yard.

2. Clean boats and other outdoor gear

Clean your boat, trailer, tires, fishing gear and other equipment frequently to prevent moving invasive species, like insects or plants, from one area to another.

3. Do not litter

Garbage is often harmful to animals. Discarded gum, for instance, has been well known to kill birds. Food leftovers from garbage bins may be eaten by wild animals, but they do better on a natural diet of food that grows wild in the nature.

4. Be an educated consumer – Reduce, reuse, recycle

Avoid buying products like tortoise shell, corals, or ivory made from endangered animals, and don’t eat shark meat in restaurants.

Bring your own reusable bag to the food store and try buying goods with little if any packaging. You will realize quickly how much less garbage and waste you produce.

5. Volunteer

This is a great chance to give something back to the environment. We can be much stronger wildlife helpers when we work together. Join clean-up events, maintain trails, monitor birds, make storm drains, remove trash and invasive species of plants. Small actions like these are truly what makes the world a better place. Nature Cowichan also welcomes volunteers to help with membership management, fundraising, office support, publicity, public events, newsletters and many more.