Coastal Waterbird Counts, Cowichan Bay, Sunday 14th May, 2017.

It was a beautiful early morning with the sea a mirror reflecting the clouds and mountains. Linda Hill and John Scull completed the final count of the season. The winter ducks and swans are gone, but the purple martins and common mergansers have arrived in numbers. We saw:
Canada Goose 13; Common Merganser 26; Double-crested Cormorant 6; Great Blue Heron 6; Osprey 2; gull sp. 8; Belted Kingfisher 1; Northwestern Crow 6 ; Purple Martin 21; Starling 7

Early Sunday, found Richard Campbell and Carol Hartwig observing 10 species of waterbirds (not counting Purple Martins or Starlings) for a total of 48 birds from Khenipsen Road, Cowichan Bay North side. The weather was overcast with no precipitation and the Bay was rippled to calm during a falling tide.
Common Loon 1; Great Blue Heron 7; Mute Swan 9; Mallard 16; Bufflehead 2; Common Merganser 6; Bald Eagle 2; Osprey 3; Glaucous-winged Gull 1; Turkey vulture 1; Purple Martin 3; Starling 1.