Coastal Waterbird Survey, September 9, 2018

South Side Cowichan Bay ; In very light rain and some beautiful rainbows, Manon Lafleur, Carol Smithson, Kathy Smithson, Laurie Vasey, Gail Mitchell, Linda Hill and John Scull saw the following birds:
Common merganser, 17; Glaucous-winged gull, 2; Gull sp., 56; Double-crested cormorant, 7; Osprey, 1.

On a rainy day at high tide, Kurlene Wenberg, Daryl Johnson and Carol Hartwig found the following beautiful winged creatures on the North Side of Cowichan Estuary:
Mute swan, 11; Common merganser, 130; Bonaparte’s gull, 35; Glaucous-winged gull, 17; Gull sp., 305; Double-crested cormorant, 1; Great blue heron, 3; Osprey, 2; common raven 2.