Swan & Goose count Mar.28th 2018

Common merganser


Peregrine falcon

Woolly bear

Great blue heron

Today was the last count of the season and 8 people set out with much munchies to eat thanks to Jane and birthday girl Helen. As expected numbers were low with just 63 Trumpeter Swans, 1 Tundra and 3 Mutes. Weather was just perfect and light was great for pictures if only we could have found something to photograph. We did see a herd of American Wigeon and if you look at the picture maybe you can find the three male Eurasian Wigeon that was with them. We did have a nice Peregrine Falcon and a far off female American Kestrel. The first Woolly Bear of the season and if you don’t know what they turn into and how they predict the weather try here:
We all had a great time today and once again enjoyed wonderful weather.
I am not going into great detail with this report and it is very short as you will receive a full report on the swans within the next couple of days with loads of pictures.
Thank you to all my buddies for all their help on the counts.


Photo credits

Peregrine Falcon by Barry Hetschko
Great Blue Heron by Zan Stenhouse
Woolly Bear by Zan Stenhouse
American Wigeon by Derrick Marven
female Common Merganser by Derrick Marven