Coastal Waterbird Counts – October 13th 2019

Cowichan Bay South

In spite of it being Thanksgiving weekend, volunteeers John Scull, Barry Hetchco, Linda Hill, Donna Zipse, Ken Bendle, and Olene Russell were joined by Oline’s husband Mike and children Kosian, Koia,Kolyna, Kazka, and Kealey along with Felix Fraillon from France.  Some of the counters were inspired by Graham Sorensen’s session last week.  The extra birders said they were inspired to come by the WildWings festival.

The unusually large population of birders was not matched by the birds and we had what may be the lowest count ever, perhaps because it was mid afternoon.  Hopefully, there were lots of birds at the other local sites.  Here’s what we saw:

1 Western Gull; 5  Glaucous-winged Gull; 79 gull sp.; 2  Double-crested Cormorant, 1  Great Blue Heron; 2  Bald Eagle; 1  Belted Kingfisher; 2  Northwestern Crow.

John Scull

Cowichan Bay North

I was the long counter on the north side having had our dinner on Saturday.  The birds were very distant and backlit so lots of unidentified!

10 Double Crested Cormorants; 12 Bonapartes Gulls; 14 Mew Gulls; 135 Unidentified Gulls; 52 American Widgeon; 170 Unidentified Ducks closely hugging the shore by the river; 16 Mallards; 1 Canada Goose swimming alone in the middle of the bay; 2 Mute Swans; 26 White Winged Scoters in a tight group of immatures, females and a few males.  Largest group that I can remember seeing, and no Surf Scoters

Kurlene Wenberg

The next count is at 3 pm on Sunday, November 10.