Coastal Waterbird Survey, April 14, 2019.

Cowichan Bay – south side.

It was a joy to see that the osprey have returned as Carol Milo, John Scull, Barry Hetschco, Robin Lawson, and Gail Mitchell met between brief showers at the very civilized time of 1 pm.  Since we began these surveys, 57 people have counted birds at the Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre. The birds were a bit naughty today, with male buffleheads engaging in their courtship display and two ospreys going well beyond courtship.  We could see a great many ducks at the head of the estuary, but they were too far away to identify, even with two telescopes.

We saw:
Canada Goose, 1; Mute Swan,2; Mallard, 2; Bufflehead, 26; Common Merganser, 9; duck sp., 100;  gull sp., 11;  Double-crested Cormorant, 8; Osprey, 3; Northwestern Crow, 3;

Cowichan Bay – north side.

On a mostly cloudy day, Daryl and Kurlene were treated to the sight of a pair of beautiful Osprey engaged in building their nest on top of the pilings offshore from Khenipsen Rd.

The following birds were seen as well:

Canada Goose, 3; Mute Swan, 4; Mallard, 40; Surf Scoter, 9; Bufflehead, 38; Common Goldeneye, 2; Common Merganser; 6; Turkey Vulture, 10; Osprey, 4; Bald Eagle, 1; Gull  sp., 125; Common Raven, 3


Lyn and Jim Wisnia observed in the Verdier Point area

Canada goose, 1; American wigeon, 16; Mallard, 6; Surf scoter, 10; Bufflehead, 3; Common goldeneye, 3; Barrow’s goldeneye, 5; Common merganser, 7; Horned grebe, 1; Red-necked grebe, 1; Western grebe, 320; Mew gull, 209; California gull, 1; Glaucous-winged gull, 52; Gull sp., 31; :Common loon, 1; Brandt’s cormorant, 1; Great blue heron, 1; Turkey vulture, 3 (overhead); Bald eagle, 1; Northwestern crow, 4.

And in the Mill Bay area:

Canada goose, 3; Mute swan, 1; Mallard 7; Surf scoter, 5; Bufflehead, 65; Common goldeneye, 15; Barrow’s goldeneye, 2; Common merganser, 9; Red-breasted merganser, 2; Red-necked grebe, 3; Mew gull, 7; Glaucous-winged gull, 45; Gull sp., 1; Common loon, 1; Great blue heron, 1; Northwestern crow, 3; Common raven, 1.