Swan, Goose & raptor count Jan. 23rd 2020

Northwesternn crow
Wet brewer’s blackbird
Trumpeter swans
More trumpeter swans
Bald eagle
Red-tailed hawk
Worm-eating gull
More trumpeter swans
More trumpeter swans
Wet day bird counting
I really don’t know what to say about this week, although snow was not an issue as last week, this week we needed Noah on our team as the heavens opened, Barry commented that he had never known a a Wednesday when it rained right through the whole count. As usual some members of our depleted team thought it was safer to stay in the vehicle while the more foolish of the team ventured out into the deluge. I mentioned our poor team numbers because what with broken wrist and flu like symptoms that had been passed down from some younger member and another team player running off at A&W we ended up with just 6 fool hardy people. One counter had come all the way from Ontario to join in the fun and to get away from those eastern weather systems, Hah little did she know what we had in store for her.
The Swans put on a brave face and numbers were just about level from our previous count on the 8th at just over 400 birds, Goose numbers went down a long way, their not stupid they know when to leave, no way were they getting their feet wet.
Raptor numbers took a bit of a hit with no Falcons and only one Cooper’s Hawk, Red-tailed Hawks fared well and so did Bald Eagles but they did look sad sitting in the trees looking sorry for themselves.
A handful of Deer were spotted and I was the lucky one to catch a glimpse of a River Otter in Cowichan Bay
We ran into a couple of road works on the way which made us late for lunch but there was no worry about rushing this week as Barry and Kurlene got us around with no trouble, such great drivers.
No dickie birds were spotted except for a few on St.Catherine’s coming into a feeder where we spotted both Golden and White-crowned Sparrows, a Spotted Towhee and a Song Sparrow. A group of California Quail had got themselves marooned on the wrong side of the Dock Road, they had their backs against the water and had to wait for the vehicles to pass to scuttle back across to the safety of the brambles.
As the day come to an end I sent Barry out into the rain to count the final few swans you see he had a hat and a brolly.
At the beginning of this rambling message i mentioned I didn’t know what to say about today, well I think the lovely picture taken by our good buddy Zan of a Brewer’s Blackbird just about sums it all up.
Until the sun returns.
Photo Credits
Swans x2 by Derrick Marven
Worm eating gull by Derrick Marven
Red-tailed Hawk by Zan Stenhouse
Bald Eagle by Zan Stenhouse
More Swans by Zan Stenhouse
Mum and Baby Trumpeter by Zan Stenhouse
One wet Brewer’s Blackbird by Zan Sttenhouse